Best Apps To Help You Improve Your English Speaking And Talking Skills

Here are the top English-learning apps for your mobile devices that you can use to improve your English speaking and cultural interchange anytime, anywhere.

Lingo Blabla is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to find an English partner in a matter of seconds.

You can not only practice English wherever and whenever you choose, but you can also make friends with people from all over the world.

By using this software, you will be able to develop your English skills in a fun and easy way.

It’s also completely free!


English can be practiced whenever and wherever you want!

Begin right away, with no time difference.

Completely free!


Random partners may speak in a variety of accents.

There are no pros to help you with your grammar.

Over two dozen languages, including English, are supported by Duolingo.

Duolingo teaches English in a fun way.

You play a series of games that are disguised as grammar and vocabulary lectures.

Duolingo, unlike other apps like Mondly and Memrise, uses little games to motivate users.

As a result, it’s a little less serious and more colorful than apps like Mondly, Memrise, and others.

The bite-size classes also make it simple to learn something new over your lunch break.

This is without a doubt one of the English study apps we suggest.


Learn a new language for free.

Uses artificial intelligence to recognize dialects and speech patterns.

The route map and progress trackers show you where you are in the learning process visually.


It punishes you for making mistakes, no matter how minor they are.

You must finish each lesson before moving on to the next, which means you may learn terminology that is unrelated to your needs.

There is no provision for video instruction or peer engagement.

You may communicate with people from over 180 nations speaking 110+ languages through Speaky’s Worldwide Language Learning Community.

You’ll be able to communicate with people who share your interests and passions thanks to its large linguistic community.

In addition to the completely dedicated environment, you can chat or make calls directly from your browser.

Furthermore, you can begin practicing right away by conversing with others online.


There is no advertising and it’s completely free.

Advanced filtering options for finding the ideal language partner


You can’t call or video chat with other people on the mobile apps, and there are no guided materials.

There are a lot of con artists.

Don’t send money or exchange images or videos with somebody you don’t know in real life.

Cambly matches English students with private, native-English-speaking teachers from all around the world.

A student can pick between “IELTS practice” and “intermediate level tutoring” depending on his or her timetable.

A teacher hired by Cambly can meet the needs of students in a timely manner because they know how to teach the subject.


Learn from a native English speaker.

a class schedule that is flexible.


If you want to practice frequently, it could be costly.

Different teachers have different teaching approaches, which may or may not match your expectations.

Hinative, unlike the preceding apps, is a question and answer forum.

Anyone learning a language can sign up for free and ask the community for help with pronunciation, vocabulary, and even request quick translations.

You can also ask others to proofread your work and clarify any unclear phrases.

This is excellent software for students who need to pass foreign exams quickly.


The number of users is high, and the atmosphere is friendly.

The most suitable option for proofreading

Obtain responses for a variety of objectives, not simply language.


There is no way to practice conversation through private texting.

Only as a Q&A section; no direct discussions are permitted.

Long wait time if you don’t have a premium account.

Unblocking premium features comes at a high price (privacy settings, content).

Everyone speaks English for a variety of reasons.

If you’re seeking the greatest English-speaking apps, you’ve come to the right place.